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The Chino Gumi

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community of a bunch of weird assassins. We encourage any form of art you may have to offer - may it be fighting, drawing, writing, or music.

Current Members (in the community so far):
Hitokiri Chino - current leader of the group. Uses a regular katana but it is enhanced with his ability to manipulate time to a short extent.
Sen - Specializes in guns. The Flame Elemental is also able to infuse her weapons with fire.
Yuki/Sen - Sen's innocent split personality Yuki heals through her water/ice element in a very bloody way.
Rincor - the blurry look of the pic just shows the hazy sensation of getting bit by this bloodthirsty vampire. Not merely an assassin, she can wipe out a whole town just to satisfy her thirst for blood.
Yami - What you see here is a shadow of the Ninja of Darkness, whose speed rivals that of Chino's normal speed. Uses the large kunai for close-range fighting, has the small kunai and shurikens for throwing.

Members out of the community (who don't have LJ):
Arkeli - the most flamboyant man in existence. An element of Charm does exist. Here's to representing his child molesting glory.