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The Chino Gumi

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[03 Jul 2004|05:12pm]

[ mood | blank ]

dude...we really need to keep this community alive!!...we have to like try to fix it this year aight??

into the darkness

My Character's Intro [29 Sep 2003|03:30pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

After all that writing from last year, I still scrapped the whole story. I thought it was too light-hearted and shallow. Too brief and undescriptive. I'm starting the whole thing over, and this time it will be told from my character's perspective. Tell me if you guys think it's decent.

IntroductionCollapse )

Also, I would like other members to write their own intros and character descriptions... maybe even your own stories if you'd like. We need to keep this community alive, even though there are only four people here right now. We need codes for other members. Bah.

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Wow, this thing's been dead for a WHILE [12 Sep 2003|03:35pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Okay, because of my lack of writing skills, I was not satisfied with the story I've created. I'll go over that thing and rewrite/remove/add a bunch of stuff to it to make it decent at least.

Another thing... a few people's personalities changed this year... so I'll be creating sexy new character designs for each member. Some of the changes will be subtle, while others will be drastic. My character will definitely look a lot more different than the samurai with the pointy rice hat. =D

Anyone else that draws, writes, or would like to contribute anything to the community are welcome. The Chino Gumi lives on, fuckers! We're deadlier than ever! And... with codes we'll be greater in number. xP

into the darkness

[13 Jul 2003|03:05pm]

[ mood | happy ]


i made a quiz!!!!!

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Icon Crazy [08 Jun 2003|02:50am]

I'm actually having fun making these icons. ^_____^

Here's one of Arkeli, who has been a member for a while but doesn't have LJ. Here's to representing his child-molesting self. I like to move it move it!

Here's an animation of Rincor's "rebirth". I just thought it wasn't fair when everyone else's pic was animated.
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[02 Jun 2003|04:42pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Name: Yami
Age: 18
Eye Color:violet
Hair Color: black with dark purple highlights
Weapon of Expertise: shuriken
Secondary Weapon: knives
Element: Darkness
Fighting Style: Ninja-jitsu
Distinguishing Features: violet eyes...black clothing....the giant suriken on her back


Boomerang-she throws her giant shuriken it can chop through people and always comes back to her thus the name boomerang..

Dark Teleportation-sinks into a pool of darkness and can appear somewhere else

Adaption-can use almost any hand held object to injure oponents

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[02 Jun 2003|04:19pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Name: Sen
Age: 17
Eye Color:yellow
Hair Color: orange
Weapon of Expertise: guns
Secondary Weapon-A dirk
Element: Fire
Fighting Style: My damn lil shit
Distinguishing Features: black trench coat with flames on the bottom...glowing yellow eyes..red earrings...tossled just-finished-having-wild-tantric-sex-hair

Confusion- she appears to apparate from place to place while shooting her guns wildly

Boom Boom- she blows up the area which you are standing in into little pieces with a giant fire ball.

Signature Move:

Seduction-uses her fire talent to rile the passion in other while dancing and while in their weakened state she takes out her dirk chops (if your a male)both heads off (if your a female) she'll just take your money then shoot you..


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[29 May 2003|08:38pm]

Yay this thing finally looks decent. Sen, I used the background I made with your character in it... just temporarily until I can conjure up a big group one. Now everyone go yay with me.

EDIT: I deleted the post with Rincor's character because I think the pic's too big and it fucks up the journal's format. But I made it into the size of an icon - and each member of the community (yes only four, with an extra personality) has his/her own icon now made by me in the User Info page. I was going to make Rincor's animated icon, but my scanner was sort of fucking up. It's basically a coffin which opens to show Rincor and her eyes and mouth open to show her fangs, then goes back to sleep. I'll work on it next weekend.
into the darkness

[29 May 2003|08:03pm]

Who is actually in the mood to write something? Anything concerning the characters will do. Once all the characters are posted up... but some people *cough*cough*Sen*cough*Yami*cough*Yuki*cough* aren't posting their characters up. Damn my SARS xP.

Oh yeah, if anyone can recruit more people so I can draw more stuff, I will have their babies!!! (Well if I had ovaries and a uterus and stuff) xD
into the darkness

[23 May 2003|01:56pm]

I've been really slacking off with this thing, but maybe it's just because I can't get LJ accounts for my other members, and I'm too lazy to actually "recruit" new people. I just noticed how much work I put into making my personal Livejournal look good, but with this one I just threw some shit in and bam, I have a shitty community. I will post drawings soon, and hopefully I can find some time to make a background picture for the page. My drawings are shitty, but when I edit them in Photoshop they may look decent. ::points to icon::

Here's some wallpapers I made a while ago. Drew them by hand first, then edited and colored in Photoshop. Pretty crappy, but still...
Maijole's character
Yuki and her evil split personality Sen
into the darkness

[20 May 2003|04:33pm]

Make up your characters and post them here. I'm bored so I might draw you some generic-looking anime versions of them xP. If you want you can draw your own and post them. Here's mine wheeeeee:

Name: Chino
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'5 xD yes, my character is Asian
Eye Color: Changes, depending on what "state" he's in. Usually blue and hazel. Sometimes both blue. The use of full power causes both eyes to turn white.
Hair Color: Blue
Weapon of Expertise: Katana
Secondary Weapon: Zweihander
Element: Time
Fighting Style: Ken Shizetsu-kyaku
Distinguishing Features: Lil' Rice Hat (yay), regular samurai clothes, eyes turning white when using full power of element, god-like speed. Whee.
Aoi Honno - blue flame. Chino spins his sword in a clockwise motion to create friction from the wind, thus emitting a blue spark of fire.
Kubihame - decapitation. Chino uses his Time Magic to increase his speed while his opponent is open. He jabs the opponent with the sword hilt, teleports to the air from behind the opponent and slashes the head off with one swift stroke.
Shukken no Makanna Kaji - Sen's sacrificial act. Sen charges energy with her hands on the ground while Chino slashes his sword against the ground upwards, creating a whirlwind of crimson flame emitting from Chino's sword. Chino has control of the flame for 20 minutes after Sen's sacrifice.
Bewitching Sword - Arkeli blows a heart from his lips and Chino slashes it creating a field of enchantment to distract females. Chino dashes around the perimeter to slash everyone in the field, ending with Arkeli brushing his hair and Chino posing with his sword.

... That's it. I'm a loser. You can be a loser too and post your character up. You can exclude some parts, and you can add some parts. Just make up a character 'cause I wanna draw stufferz. Night night.
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