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Make up your characters and post them here. I'm bored so I might draw you some generic-looking anime versions of them xP. If you want you can draw your own and post them. Here's mine wheeeeee:

Name: Chino
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'5 xD yes, my character is Asian
Eye Color: Changes, depending on what "state" he's in. Usually blue and hazel. Sometimes both blue. The use of full power causes both eyes to turn white.
Hair Color: Blue
Weapon of Expertise: Katana
Secondary Weapon: Zweihander
Element: Time
Fighting Style: Ken Shizetsu-kyaku
Distinguishing Features: Lil' Rice Hat (yay), regular samurai clothes, eyes turning white when using full power of element, god-like speed. Whee.
Aoi Honno - blue flame. Chino spins his sword in a clockwise motion to create friction from the wind, thus emitting a blue spark of fire.
Kubihame - decapitation. Chino uses his Time Magic to increase his speed while his opponent is open. He jabs the opponent with the sword hilt, teleports to the air from behind the opponent and slashes the head off with one swift stroke.
Shukken no Makanna Kaji - Sen's sacrificial act. Sen charges energy with her hands on the ground while Chino slashes his sword against the ground upwards, creating a whirlwind of crimson flame emitting from Chino's sword. Chino has control of the flame for 20 minutes after Sen's sacrifice.
Bewitching Sword - Arkeli blows a heart from his lips and Chino slashes it creating a field of enchantment to distract females. Chino dashes around the perimeter to slash everyone in the field, ending with Arkeli brushing his hair and Chino posing with his sword.

... That's it. I'm a loser. You can be a loser too and post your character up. You can exclude some parts, and you can add some parts. Just make up a character 'cause I wanna draw stufferz. Night night.
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