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My Character's Intro

After all that writing from last year, I still scrapped the whole story. I thought it was too light-hearted and shallow. Too brief and undescriptive. I'm starting the whole thing over, and this time it will be told from my character's perspective. Tell me if you guys think it's decent.

Death. It is astonishing how one short, simple word can induce extreme fear within the hearts of man. Death. The word raises so many questions that will never be answered nor proved. "What was the meaning of my life?" "Where would I go when I cease to exist?" Death. The mere thought of it prevents people from living their lives to the fullest extent. It turns courage to cowardice. Death. Oh, the magnificence of its power.

I have lived for nearly two thousand years and the behavior of such people who live in fear of death still baffles me. How can someone be terrified of the only way to salvation? The end to all suffering... that is death.

Then again, I am far from being one of those people. I'm not even human, though I may look it. The ignorant often refer to me as a god, but I contest that. I do not have the power to create. If I did I wouldn't have made such fragile creatures who rely so heavily on their emotions. No. I have the power to control - to manipulate time as I see fit.

My name now only appears in legends, and to the same people that I mentioned, the sight, or sound of my name brings terror to their faces. You can say that my name has an even greater effect than death. I am capable of things far worse, not only destroying their physical being but also their very soul. The people who have faced my wrath, however, have gained wisdom from it. They realized that they would rather die than to have their soul tormented so mercilessly.

Chino. A name that pilfers people's voices at the whisper of it. It is not the name, however, that gave it its soul-chilling reputation. The actions that the name is known for is what puts it a tier above death. Chino. To face me, or to face death? A question easily answerable by the ill-fated creatures that I have blessed with my wisdom.

I am writing this as an answer to many questions that people have always wondered about. This is an insight into my past. The experiences, the people, and the events that made me into what you see now. Do the legends speak the truth? Am I really so evil that people would rather cease to exist than to come before me? Listen to my story, and find out how the name Chino came to be a legendary terror.

Also, I would like other members to write their own intros and character descriptions... maybe even your own stories if you'd like. We need to keep this community alive, even though there are only four people here right now. We need codes for other members. Bah.
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